Mel French

Artists Statement

French’s work explores the human condition and psyche .Her work often manifests as distorted human forms and hybrids frequently using animal conditions as metaphors for base human emotions and experiences. The materials French uses are intrinsic to her practice from human detritus,found objects ,digital media to resins and waxes. Themes such as depression, vulnerability, anxiety, nurture and loss are recurring. French undertakes research in various streams, through anatomical and psychological study, science and Zoology .  

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Aedin McGinn, Assistant Manager , Luan Gallery writes in an introduction to the solo exhibition of French’s work ‘ Between a Rock and a Hard Place ‘ Luan Gallery 2015, “ Once the initial ‘shock’ factor is surpassed in Mel French’s work what remains is a palpable sensitivity. The topics that French is discussing are emotional, powerful and perceptive. French makes us look at depression and the isolation felt when burdened with a “Black Dog”, she makes us consider the utter defencelessness of infancy and the overwhelming human urge to nurture. She makes us look at the transience and vulnerability of emotion and she does this by firstly slapping us in the face and then caressing the reddened cheek. This work manages to shock and enthrall simultaneously, which is no mean feat. ”  

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